Sharing Our Stories

Here are some things our residents have said about life at Kidron Bethel Village.

“It’s the smartest thing we ever did.”

Doc and Frances Siemens

We moved back to the area to be near family. The Kidron Bethel Village community offers a wellness center, including a salt water pool. The Arthritis Foundation certified aquatics exercise classes are especially valuable to Frances.

Life here offers all the independence, socialization, comfort and opportunities we’d hoped for. The bottom line is, moving here to Kidron Bethel was the smartest thing we ever did. Come visit and see for yourself.

“Do it while you’re young.”

Frank and Helen Nachtigal

My advice to others thinking about a move is to do it while you’re young, have physical mobility and can enjoy the experience,” said Helen. “One of the things we most enjoy is that we can walk just about anywhere from our home on the Kidron Bethel campus. We can walk to our church at Bethel College or to Kauffman Museum and on all the nice trails around the campus.

“…a delicious freedom to pick up and go as we please…”

Lee and Di Suderman

There is a delicious freedom to pick up and go as we please without worrying about home and yard maintenance. And yet, I am free to plant flowers of my choice around the patio until I no longer can or care to. This freedom also allows us to have the time and energy to finally tackle projects that have been waiting in the wings for years. In addition, Lee has more time to occasionally take interim pastorates and work on the farm when he chooses.

Newton affords easy access to take in a variety of sports and cultural events in the area. We especially enjoy participating in different musical activities locally and in Wichita. There also is a wide choice of churches of different denominations. Bethel and Hesston Colleges provide educational and entertainment activities and opportunities.