Worship, Study, Pray

Our residents, staff members and participants come from a variety of faith traditions. We welcome this diversity that enriches the woven fabric of our community. Kidron Bethel Village, a Bluestem community, is inspired by Mennonite values and centered on the love of God. We are committed to treating all people with compassion and dignity.

Spiritual life is important to us. Kidron’s full-time chaplain, Eric Massanari, leads weekly worship and prayer services as well as additional book studies and spiritual enrichment programs in our community. Eric is available for consultation, visitation and other pastoral needs.

Worship Together

Worship Services

On Sundays at 3 pm, residents may attend a worship service which is held by various supporting churches of Kidron Bethel Village. On the first Sunday of the month, a Gaither Family DVD is shown.

Midweek Worship

On Wednesdays at 3 pm, residents gather together in Menno Hall Chapel for worship together. This service is led by the Kidron Bethel chaplain.

DVD Worship Service

Every Monday at 2:30 pm, a DVD of a local church’s worship service is in health care’s west dining room for residents to enjoy.

Study Together 

Assisted Living

On Tuesdays at 4 pm, bible study is led by our chaplain in the private dining room of our assisted living neighborhood.

Health Care

On Mondays at 10 am, residents gather in the Kidron Bethel health care neighborhood to have Bible study led by Kidron’s full-time chaplain.

Pray Together

Sharing & Prayer happens on Thursdays at 10 am in the private dining room of our assisted living neighborhood. 

Contemplative Prayer & Meditation takes place in Menno Hall Chapel every Friday at 9 am. Residents and staff gather for prayer and observe silence together.